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Automated Income Verification

Shorten vacancy periods, screening times, and eliminate fraud. Engineered for accuracy, speed, and security.

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The New Standard For Verifying Income

The Closing Docs accelerates the income verification process by getting better data, faster. As a property manager screening a tenant, The Closing Docs’ income report helps you make confident decisions.

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Save Time Verifying Income

Automated income verification

Utilize automated income verification to instantly confirm your applicant’s capacity to pay rent.

We directly connect to your applicant’s bank account to analyze their deposit history and then organize their data into a standardized income report for your review. Accurate data. Fast.

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Keep Using Your Current Software

The Closing Docs seamlessly integrates with a wide variety of property management or accounting software platforms including: Appfolio, Buildium, Yardi, On-Site, Rentec Direct, and many more!

Our customers rely on these integrations for automatic data transfers directly into property management software, eliminating the need for cumbersome, costly manual data entry.

automated income verification integrates with rentec direct
automated income verification integrates with appfolio
automated income verification integrates with buildium
automated income verification integrates with propertyware
automated income verification integrates with yardi
automated income verification integrates with rentprep
automated income verification integrates with onsite
automated income verification integrates with rentscreener
automated income verification integrates with rental history reports
automated income verification integrates with tazworks
automated income verification integrates with hemlane

Our Customers Love The Closing Docs

  • "We finally got a chance to conduct income screening on two applicants and it is amazing! I cross referenced bank statements with pay stubs and the Income Report to see how they match. This is going to save a ton of time on future applications from the review time burden and possible fraud. Thanks!"
    Chris Frank
    Office Manager of Pointer Ridge Investment Group
  • "The Closing Docs’ ability to understand the rental application process, the pain-points experienced by both end users and management, and deliver a solution that truly satisfies the needs of both has been most impressive."
    Spencer Lewin
    CIO of Citi-Urban Management, 1,000+ units
  • "Incredible product! Wish I had access to something like this years ago. A few members of the NARPM group tipped me off on this product and I decided to give it a go. I have already recommended it to a few others in the industry. Thank you!"
    Matt Nicklin
    Managing Broker of OneSource Real Estate
  • "The Closings Docs has helped our team become more confident with who we are selecting as our tenants. Through the application, we are able to verify exactly how much income an applicant is receiving, giving us confidence in knowing whether or not they can truly afford rent. The Closing Docs saves us time and money by allowing us to quickly reject applicants who do not meet our income requirements and not spend additional time on completing income due diligence for every applicant."
    Jeremy Lenon
    Property Manager, 200+ units
  • "I have to say I am very, very, impressed with the sophistication of The Closing Docs. It has been extremely easy to use. I am a 1099 employee and it's not always easy getting all the information needed to show proof of income. The Closing Docs makes the impossible possible! I will definitely recommend this site to my friends, family, and co-workers. Thanks The Closing Docs!"
    Melissa Canada
    Rental Applicant
  • "The best rental application I have ever seen! Income verification portal is very slick, way better than uploading pay stubs."
    Erica Kaufman
    Rental Applicant
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Trusted By Over 20,000 Banks and Financial Institutions

How Does Our Income Verification Work?

Automated income verification from The Closing Docs occurs over three simple steps:

Collect, Confirm and Share. You will find descriptions of each step below.

1. Collect

In order to collect income data, connect your primary bank account

The first step to verifying income in this 3-minute process is to connect your bank accounts to provide your deposits history. We partner with trusted third-party financial services to handle credentials, encryption, and security. Your sensitive login credentials are never seen by us.

Protecting your financial data

After data is collected to assemble your income report, your bank account is disconnected from our channel.

automated income verification collect

2. Confirm

Once the data has been collected, you are provided the opportunity to thoroughly review your income data for accuracy prior to sharing a report.

If you have multiple bank accounts, you can include them in the report in order to make the strongest case to your decision maker. Finally, you can include an explanation to add context to the numbers.

You’ll have confidence knowing what info gets shared accurately represents your income history.

automated income verification confirm

3. Share

You will see the data comprising your automated income verification report and will have an opportunity to download it before sharing it with others.

Sharing is a single click of the button. It’s the fastest, most accurate income verification you’ve ever seen.

Congratulations, and good luck!

automated income verification share

Your financial information is given strict adherence to industry standards. We treat your data as if it were our own.

Bank-level data security

Using 256-bit encryption protects the data sharing process so applicant data is secure and users can make well-supported, defensible decisions. As soon as the applicant’s report is created, the applicant’s data is deleted completely in order to keep their financial information safe.

Commitment to privacy

Every measure is taken to prevent others from accessing any personal or financial information. We provide the applicant an opportunity to verify the limited-use nature of the information shared before they attach their report to an application.


We support workflows where either the applicant or the decision maker can pay the $10 report fee.


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